Engineering Design

From concept through to detail design and as-built documentation, Kinsley Group has the ability to deliver a broad range of engineering design and drafting services across the infrastructure market sector.

As sustainability continues to gather momentum throughout the world and humans look to minimise their impact on the environment, Kinsley Group believe it is essential that the infrastructure designed and delivered now is achieved without compromising the ability of future generations to solve the emerging engineering challenges of the future. In order to achieve this vision, Kinsley Group’s design philosophy is based on the following design principles:

  • Constructability – Can the designed infrastructure be constructed?
  • Maintainability – How can we minimise the need for maintenance intervention and can the infrastructure be easily maintained?
  • Safety – Can the infrastructure be constructed and maintained safely?
  • Longevity – How can we minimise the need to alter the structure in the future to meet future demands while minimising the cost?
  • Cost – What design solutions can we adopt to minimise the cost without affecting the quality of the end product?