Site Surveillance

Kinsley Group recognise and understand first hand the essential role that site surveillance activities provide during the construction delivery of any project in allowing the Superintendent to exercise their functions under the Contract.

Further to this, we also recognise that site surveillance ensures that the product and services being delivered under a particular Contract meet the project scope and quality requirements.

We have undertaken site surveillance activities for our clients on a range of rail and road related infrastructure projects. The extent and frequency of our site surveillance activities on a given project generally depends on a number of factors including the size of the project, the project complexity, the experience of the Contractor engaged to perform the works and the individual engineering skills/disciplines required to deliver the project.

Our services include:

  • Confirmation that the traffic management implemented is in accordance with the approved
    traffic management plan.
  • Ensuring that the traffic management implemented is suitable for the conditions. In some
    cases, we have requested that additional traffic management be provided following site
    inspections due to safety concerns.
  • Ensuring that the works are being carried out in accordance with the Contractor’s SWMS and
    a copy of the SWMS are located on-site and have been signed by all members of the project
  • Identification of unsafe work practices and addressing accordingly on-site.
  • Ensuring that the works are on schedule and resolving any on-site issues with the Contractor
    as required.
  • Ensuring that the Contractor is maintaining the site in a clean and tidy condition throughout
    the delivery of the works.
  • Ensuring that the Contractor has taken account of any environmental and/or heritage
    considerations and is implementing any identified control measures on-site.
  • Ensuring that that works are compliant with the relevant standards, construction specifications
    and design drawings.
  • Witnessing proof roles for pavements and addressing soft spot issues where encountered.
  • Review of the Contractor’s documented Inspection and Test Plans and documented records
    during the construction delivery.
  • Completion of surveillance checklists that have been established in consultation with the
    Client at the commencment of the project delivery.
  • Review of completed works and preparation of a ‘punch list’ outlining any defects that require
    rectification prior to handover.
  • Reporting of non-conformances to the Contractor and the Client in accordance with the
    procedures specified within the project surveillance plan.
  • Liaison with the Contractor and the Client in relation to the non-conformances identified and
    resolution of each non-conformance accordingly.
  • Regular reporting on progress status back to the Client during the construction delivery.
  • Monitoring and updating of the project risk register during the construction stage of the
  • Monitoring and updating the non-conformance register as required during the project delivery
    and ensuring all non-conformances are closed out prior to handover accordingly.
  • Managing the resolution of issues on site with the Contractor.
  • Managing relationships and liaison with landowners, service authorities and other relevant
  • Facilitation of site walk throughs at the completion of a project to identify defects that require
    rectification prior to handover.